Friday, August 17, 2007

I know you're thinking this is imposssible...but...

Ahem...if only you knew what other seemingly impossible things I've done so far in this lifetime...My family thinks i'm CRAZY to want to do this...Hmmmm but can they stop aphrikan? Hell no!

This week is the first week I've known I can achieve this goal for sure. I can breeze through the running. Today I'm going cycling!!!!!!!! I'm so excited- I'll try to take pix of me lookin all cute in a helmet and on a bike!!! (hmmm maybe next year I'll learn to ride motorcycle)

I'm also off to buy a bathing suit. No I will not post the pix.

Progress so far:
-Increased running time. I can run for over an hour and it feels like nothing to me. Run easy, aprhikan, run easy
-I have a running partner now for daily morning runs!!! I'm so excited!

Goals for today:
-Light endurance-style strength training
-Buying bathing suit
-Reminding myself that I do have a life aside from pursuing this.

Will post later on.

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