Monday, August 27, 2007

Euphoric ante meridiem flight!

Wow!! Running buddy and I went on our second run. We made a 100% improvement from last week's run. 3 miles total- no stopping around our lap. Tons of sweat- lots of encouragement. Wow - this feels good.

I desperately need to save up to buy running shoes.

I want to run every morning of my life.

I can't quite imagine just how difficult it is to run after a swim and a bike though. Tell me- how do those crazy triathletes do it??

Need to stop typing because the sweat is getting into my eyes!

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Ross said...

I did a sort of triathlon this weekend. There was about 1/2 hr between each event while we covered transitions. But going from swim to bike was OK. bike to run was a bit tougher. Its all about practice. You'll be able to do it when it's your turn. Good job on the run. Get those running shoe as soon as possible. It'll make a world of difference.