Saturday, October 20, 2007

Raising a glass of water to a good training week!!

3 runs
2 spins
4 swims

This weekend is all rest!!

Go me!!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Literature & quarter mile swims!

So I splurged this weekend and bought the following books:

-Chi Running by Danny Dreyer
It's supposed to be an awesome method of running that prevents injury forever. (yeah right- I'm gullible!)

-Swimming for total fitness by Jane Katz
It's this book that has really cool drills and advice about swimming

-The triathlete's training bible by Joe Friel

I'm reading Chi Running while I'm in bed right now.

I also found this cool children's book in my colleague's classroom library. It's called Ironman and it's written by Chris Crutcher. So I'm borrowing it and supposedly reading it!

Also I registered on and I'm pledging my crazy list of things I'm going to do.

I need to lose 10lb by Thanksgiving. My goal is to strength train at least twice a week. My leg is slightly better. Not perfect. Maybe the Chi Running will cure me!

Please recommend and inspirational movies or books about multisports or awesome athletes. I'm on a roll!

On a side note- I am now swimming over a quarter mile during my workouts. I need to get in the pool more consistently. 4 times a week... Yay- quarter miles plus!!!! I can only do freestlye so far though. I hate backstroke - stupid stroke.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Running injuries and new routines

This week I have done ALMOST everything on my to-do list. Except Friday morning I couldn't run. My left ankle swollen and hurting. I have been stretching this week and I'm so upset about missing my run. Ice ice ice. This is the same ankle that hurt in June. I went to a neuromuscular training workshop and while the instructor was stretching me, my ankle popped and that night it swelled up and I could barely walk the next day. I've been fine since then. Until...two days ago. And I though I was invincible. There goes my dream of completing the NYC marathon in two years.

I've started taking spinning again and I took two strength training classes this week. Over the summer I did lots of spinning and no running. Lately I've been running and doing no spinning. This is the first week I've combined spinning and running.

Starting on Sunday, my diet will be in major overhaul. My first change is no eating after 7pm NO MATTER WHAT.

My training is going well, but I need to work on the food aspects in order to reap all the rewards. I'm tired of being a slow fat triathletewannabe.

On a fun note, today is my day with my biking buddies- prancing around the city on our mountain bikes!! good timez!