Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Literature & quarter mile swims!

So I splurged this weekend and bought the following books:

-Chi Running by Danny Dreyer
It's supposed to be an awesome method of running that prevents injury forever. (yeah right- I'm gullible!)

-Swimming for total fitness by Jane Katz
It's this book that has really cool drills and advice about swimming

-The triathlete's training bible by Joe Friel

I'm reading Chi Running while I'm in bed right now.

I also found this cool children's book in my colleague's classroom library. It's called Ironman and it's written by Chris Crutcher. So I'm borrowing it and supposedly reading it!

Also I registered on 43things.com and I'm pledging my crazy list of things I'm going to do.

I need to lose 10lb by Thanksgiving. My goal is to strength train at least twice a week. My leg is slightly better. Not perfect. Maybe the Chi Running will cure me!

Please recommend and inspirational movies or books about multisports or awesome athletes. I'm on a roll!

On a side note- I am now swimming over a quarter mile during my workouts. I need to get in the pool more consistently. 4 times a week... Yay- quarter miles plus!!!! I can only do freestlye so far though. I hate backstroke - stupid stroke.


cwh said...

43things - ride a bike with no hands, run using hands, swim in lake asal, ruin ankle while running hardcore on it when it's messed up.

RennaissanceTriathlete said...

Not a cool comment