Sunday, December 30, 2007

Good bye 2007!!!

I had the best ending to the year! A week's guest pass to the fanciest gym in Manhattan! Fabulous
Talk about coat check, celebrities, sexy personal trainers, talented fitness class instructors, spa, free mouthwash, cafe, outdoor running track, indoor rockclimbing wall...


I went to this snobby gym 6 days this week. What heaven.

This past summer, I started to buy this athletic clothing brand. One of the most expensive brands ever. Anyway, it turns out at this gym- everyone wears the same brand! A way to show off & say I pay through my nose for sweat pants too!!! So I fit right in in that sense coz I have a lot of hot workout gear. Even though I'm lower class, I'm a wannabe. If I was a rich girl...

I'm back!

The me that is sweating everyday & swimming obsessively & sleeping & dreaming of athletics is BACK!!! I even ran on the outdoor track today. Effortless.

I'm bringing healthy back into 2008!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

As the 2008 approaches...

I reflect on the things I've done this year of which I'm proud & cry with overwhelmed sentiments when I ponder the new year to come.
This year my fitness has fluctuated and presently seems to be a slowly improving lull. I can't believe that I worked as a trainer in the spring & I am so proud of myself for doing that & thriving at it & immersing myself in something new. I am proud to have passed my NASM test. I'm happy with my summer fitness state & my running accomplishments.

I have failed in terms of consistency. I am struggling to find the balance between training for fitness & training for a triathlon. I must say though that I started the year weighing much less than I do presently, but I am happy with my body because of the recovery from injury & self love that I have.

I will be embarking on a 30 day Bikram yoga challenge. I am buying a 6 month membership to a swimming facility & from January to June, excercise is all I will know. I am going to transition from being the social butterfly I've been lately to a hermit excercise freak. Wish me luck. No, seriously though, I need to figure out the balance because for sure the thought of the triathlon will not keep me warm at night.

I was so excited today- I googled my name & saw my turkey trot results online!!! My first race evverrrrr. My time is terrible, but I completed the race:):):):):) go me.

I'm grateful to the people that have been with me from the conception of my dreams and continue to walk with me as I aspire to be a triathlete. To those who accept my flaws & allow me to be me. Thank you. To those who are dreaming of athleticism like me, join me & let's have fun. To those who can teach me, I am ready to learn.

Best for 2008- more posts in January so keep reading!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

2nd Bikram class...

Ok, despite the somewhat traumatic experience of my first class, I ventured into another heated room yesterday. It was alright. I'm an extremist & working hard to balance myself out. I like the extreme nature of Bikram although I doubt the benefits it has for me. I like to be around people who like to push their physical limits & grow. Growth is life.

The triathlon is the first long term goal I've ever had for myself & I can't back out which is good because it challenges me.

The goal is January - June, intense training.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

my first bikram yoga class. Thoughts on stupidity.

I have excellent cardiovascular endurance in general. Of course in order to take part in the triathlon, I need to improve. But I'm off to an ok start. Am i a clydesdale?

Anyhow, walk into the studio with my mat & water wearing my excercise shorts & sports bra. I can honestly say that I was a little distracted because people are wearing very little clothing & men show their chests mostly. So I'm distracted by all the hotness & I felt very comfortable, which is good.

Anyhow, I told the instructor that it was my first yoga class ever. I've taken lots of mat pilates last year, but never any yoga. They started off with an interesting throat breating exercise. Within 5 minutes I felt nauseous. I mean who wants to be in a room of sweating bodies?

The class is 90 minutes long and the first hour is standing poses. About 30 minutes into the poses, my head started to feel light- very strangely so. I thought I would just pass out. I had drank tons of water before class & I thought I'd be fine. Then I remembered- I hadn't eaten all day & I drank two redbulls at midnite last night so I was crashing. How stupidly irresponsibly. So I rested and skimped out of one or two poses...The instructor opened the window a few times to let in air-what a relief! "Clean air to replace muggy sweaty air.

I love the feeling of sweat dripping down my back & my face. The only thing that can make me sweat that much is the stairmaster or circuit cardio class. Neither of which are part of my life right now.

I always thought a great title for a book would be "sweat, play, fuck" you know kind of like "eat pray love" only not so cheesy sounding. Anyhow, I need to sweat. The final poses are sitting poses/mat poses. phew. The most exiting thing was discovering that I can do balance poses on both legs! I mean my posture sucks, but two weeks ago I couldn't do any kind of balance excercise on my left leg. I'm healed! God is great. Smile.

Anyhow, I will eat better the next time I decide to take a yoga class. No more stupidity.

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Ok, I'm still here. Somewhere. Hibernating and dreaming of bike riding around the city in the summer time...

The good: My ankle hasn't been bothering me this week!!!! I think it's thanks to all the rest that I've been taking which has resulted in my healing, hibernation & ballooning in weight!

The bad: I feel beautiful but fat.

The ugly: I still can't swim a mile.

Alas, the work in progress that I love & that is me.

My running partner is joining my gym this week so I'll be back in sweatville in 3..2...1...

Signing up for a week of Bikram Yoga. Wish me luck.