Sunday, December 30, 2007

Good bye 2007!!!

I had the best ending to the year! A week's guest pass to the fanciest gym in Manhattan! Fabulous
Talk about coat check, celebrities, sexy personal trainers, talented fitness class instructors, spa, free mouthwash, cafe, outdoor running track, indoor rockclimbing wall...


I went to this snobby gym 6 days this week. What heaven.

This past summer, I started to buy this athletic clothing brand. One of the most expensive brands ever. Anyway, it turns out at this gym- everyone wears the same brand! A way to show off & say I pay through my nose for sweat pants too!!! So I fit right in in that sense coz I have a lot of hot workout gear. Even though I'm lower class, I'm a wannabe. If I was a rich girl...

I'm back!

The me that is sweating everyday & swimming obsessively & sleeping & dreaming of athletics is BACK!!! I even ran on the outdoor track today. Effortless.

I'm bringing healthy back into 2008!!!

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