Saturday, January 5, 2008

Jumpstartin' my year!

On the first of January I attended a fitness day at this facility on the Upper West Side. A huge fitness fair with some rocking classes, among which was a class on Chi Running!

If you remember I purchased a book about Chi Running several months ago. Running is a basic motion, but many times, the ways in which we run are strenuous on our bodies & accelerate injury & stress to the joints. Using some of the principles of Tai Chi, this form of running drastically reduces or eliminates injury. The main things I got out of the class are
-keeping the core engages while running
-propeling the arms backwards & using the rear delt

I still need to read the book a little more, but even with just these two concepts, running felt good. I was supposed to run the NYE race in Central Park but I decided it wasn't a good idea because it might invite reinjury. I'll run again in the spring.

I now have access to an good sized pool for my training. I have a training/fitness partner. One consistent training partner & two others that exist in spirit. Beginning on Monday I have a one- week jumpstart program. I'll also be starting a 5 week triathlon training program that is swim intensive. Details on all this coming right up...

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