Sunday, January 13, 2008

Week 1 Report!

I raise a glass of water to the past week! I'm soarin & flyin!

Here are the good things about the past week:
Consistent excercise
close to 90 laps total
Sweated every day!!
Ate well!

The great thing about this week was the fact that I got to excercise with part of my fitness posse of friends:) The second greatest thing was Wednesday night's total body conditioning class- the instructor was awesome- the moves were unique & effective so on Saturday, I took another class with the same instructor- Cardio Jump Rope. Crazzzzyyy sweating & fun! Then trying to run over to Union Sq to make a spinning class that was full by the time I got there...darn:(:(

Another awesome thing about the week was Monday night's boxing class. Spose to be an indoor class & we showed up & the dude makes us run along CPW & do lunges & pushups bootcamp style at 9pm at unexpected, but hey- I'm love that stuff to be honest though I may be cursing at the instructor the whole class, inside, I love a challenge.

Sad notes:
I almost cried when I realized that I'm benching 10lb less than I could in July 2007. Simply because I haven't been using my pecs much:(:( Gotta build back up to that.

Reflective notes:
I was blessed with gigantic thunder thighs which always appear big to me but not so big in photos. Today I took part in the no pants subway ride & the photos of me from that actually show my thighs to be toned. A camera never lies! I guess I'm not obese after all. Hooray!

Next goal: keep it up, self!!!! More reports in 3...2...1....

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