Monday, January 14, 2008

Help- the chlorine ate up my bathing suit:(:(:(

To be honest I haven't been that good with looking after my bathing suit.

But I just want to scream, I'm annoyed about this!! It's deteriorating really fast lately. Probably a combination of the chlorine & the fact that my room is 100 degrees warm.

Now I'm on the hunt for a really good swim suit brand that won't get eaten up quickly. I'll pay whatever & I promise to look after it better. My last suit was/is N.ike. Please offer suggestions of good brands & good places to shop. Don't say Mac.ys. or Mo's. Until then I might just be caught indoor skinny dipping. Save me. Thank you.

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Flora said...

If you are swimming a lot, its normal for the suit to breakdown faster. You can buy polyester swimsuits at Paragon. There is one saleslady there (a little weird) but she knows what she is talking about with swimsuits.