Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Week 2 report & update on my 30 day Challenge

Today is Day 7 of my 30 day challenge.

The 30 Day challenge is a countdown until Feb 15th, my next week vacation from work. Here is what I have to accomplish in 30 days:

-30 hot hatha yoga classes aka, the dreaded word...Bikram
-20 Spinning Classes
-12 Strength Training sessions
-20 Swimming sessions
-4 Books Read
-4 Chapters/poems written
-4 Rest days (at least)
-Continue to eat well

If I accomplish all this, here is my reward:
1. A new bathing suit
2. A new hairdo
3. Tattoo
4. Brazilian Wax, Total body wax & Brow threading

So far I have 3 Spins, 3 Strength training sessions, 5 swims, 6 yoga sessions.


C'mon a little encouragement from you won't hurt!

1 comment:

BK said...

gotcha!!! Ok now I see what the challenge was.. CONGRATULATIONS!