Sunday, January 27, 2008

Day 12 of the madness & food updates...Also my first real yoga class...

I'm flying!!! I feel fabulous. I had two rest days during this past week. I have been eating fabulously & living still. I ate wonderful food at my friend's dinner party-:) Yay home-made cookies & sorbet. I went out for dinner on Friday nite at the Republic. I was happy to find delicious options that felt good to eat...I am still eating massive amounts, which is good. I eat tons of veggies, lots & lots of chicken, beans,nuts, raisins etc... I'm also eating a lot of fruit- blueberries, peaches, nectarines. Today I treated myself to a Juice smoothie. Delish.

I feel fit. My pushups show a slight improvement, but still need a lot of work. The past two days, swimming has been ridiculously easy & pleasant. I felt like a fish. I'm adding 10 more laps to my routine & also now working on drills. I feel like I can swim. I just don't know how to tread water- how ridiculous is that....I can tread, but only for a minute(barely)- I can't imagine treading for longer than that...I'm staying away from back stroke & breaststroke for a while. My freestyle is rocking & I need to hone that & be efficient. I keep wondering- how does one swim in a straight line in the ocean? With hundreds of other people in the water???

Speaking of firsts- I took my first real yoga class yesterday!! Vinyasa Yoga. About 10 minutes into the class I realized I had signed up for 90 minutes of madness- plus it was an advanced class. I am still hung up on the foreign names used for the postures & the ommm chanting, but I will try to be open minded & overlook that. I can pretend to be an ignorant closeminded person at times. I just need a really positive introduction to yoga. This class wasn't a positive introduction to yoga. It was advanced- everyone could do head stands except me- everyone knew what do to & the instructor barely demonstrated anything. The good thing is that because I'd taken Bikram & because a lot of my friends are yogis, I'm familiar with a few postures- enough to get me by. I know how to get in & out of the asanas. However, I know I know nothing & that I have much to learn. I am looking to hire two people:

1) Wanted: Someone to teach me how to do a head stand safely & effortlessly & other cool postures like lotus. This is a 6 month job. I'll pay in food/kindness. Bonus pay in 5 yrs. Payable at Ironman Kona 2013.

2) Wanted: Someone to turn me into a fish that can swim backstroke & tread water effortlessly & swim for miles & miles & miles. This is a 6 month contract also. I'll pay in hugs. Bonus pay in 5 yrs. Payable at Ironman Kona 2013.

The bonus pay for both occupations will come in the form of fame for you when I become an ironwoman in 5 years!!! I'll attribute my success to you (part of it anyway), dear imaginary trainer.

Am I kidding? Way too much adrenaline & endorphin in me!

My dream is to be a full time athlete. I'm looking for a soccer league for the summer. I hate my present occupation. The funniest thing- last week I was reading my horoscope & it talked about the perfect profession for my zodiac sign- Leo as being a personal trainer! It was exciting to read that because I already figured out last year that working in some shape or form in the fitness & health industry is my calling. I already have my certification. But I'm not ready to make a career switch yet- many obstacles. I'm not ready to be there yet & I'm working on me. I don't want to do it for money- just because I enjoy it...I want to teach group excercise classes mostly & get my spinning cert...Need to take the CanFitPro test. Today I took a sports conditioning class & I used to take this class once a week during the summer till I fell off the bandwagon. Anyhow, it was great because after 5 months of absence, I show up to the class & it's still the same students taking it- they all look the same & all, but the instructor was someone new- it turned out to be a trainer that I used to work with at the gym. So there was definitely no slacking off for me in that class! It was good though to see someone who knew me. Will definitely go back next week. I haven't excercised at the gym I used to work at in 6 months - I definitely need to go back. It's hard to work out there because it just becomes a huge social scene of people wanting to talk to me & telling me that they miss me & that I should come back to work & bla bla bla.

Otherwise I'm soaring. I pray that I keep up this momentum through Feb 16th. Or should I say...forever.

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Hi there! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. I am excited to read yours as well. Keep up with the Bikram. Namaste.