Thursday, May 22, 2008

Going strong... except...

I need to step up the swimming and begin to run. I need to get back to strength training . My routine will include those things from June 1st...Right now I'm doing a lot of cross training- I've been spinning twice in the Am before work this morning. I went to sword class for the third week in a row. I also went to kick boxing for the third week in a row. I love routine & consistency. It's orgasmic.

I'm regaining that athlete feeling. Tummy getting flatter. Eating well.

Anyone who can help me answer this question- are bananas good for me?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Back in the groove!!!

Monday - Saturday here is what I did:
Bootcamp class on thurs- it kicked my butt, but it's totally what I need!
Sword fighting class on Tues!
Kickboxing on Tues!
Spinning on Wednesday
Total body class on Monday
Swimming on Monday
Session with Trainer on Saturday
Dance class on Saturday

Some yoga throughout the week.

The session with the trainer was intense- he had me working on these glide like objects changing my centers of gravity to work my inner thighs mostly because I have thunderous thighs. He made me do running drills on the stairs, push ups, cruches with the ball- feet holding the ball up & crunching up to the ball. I'm missing speedball class again today:(:(:(

I might check out another branch of my gym this week because I hear they give you free workout clothes and all!!

I clearly did start out slow, but still worked hard.

I'm taking today off to get my life in order so I can focus on organized exercise this week without. Laundry's all done just trying to tie up some loose bits. I will kick even more butt this week!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

2.5 months to go!!!!

I haven't exercised in almost a month due to bla bla bla.

A few days ago I had my swimming evaluated. The verdict was that I have perfect stroke mechanics but I need to loosen up in the water...

not bad, right? The same can be said about my boxing skills. Always very stiff.

More updates soon...I'm getting back into it- took yoga the other day. I'm cleaning my house and will be hittin' up the spinning...