Monday, December 17, 2007

As the 2008 approaches...

I reflect on the things I've done this year of which I'm proud & cry with overwhelmed sentiments when I ponder the new year to come.
This year my fitness has fluctuated and presently seems to be a slowly improving lull. I can't believe that I worked as a trainer in the spring & I am so proud of myself for doing that & thriving at it & immersing myself in something new. I am proud to have passed my NASM test. I'm happy with my summer fitness state & my running accomplishments.

I have failed in terms of consistency. I am struggling to find the balance between training for fitness & training for a triathlon. I must say though that I started the year weighing much less than I do presently, but I am happy with my body because of the recovery from injury & self love that I have.

I will be embarking on a 30 day Bikram yoga challenge. I am buying a 6 month membership to a swimming facility & from January to June, excercise is all I will know. I am going to transition from being the social butterfly I've been lately to a hermit excercise freak. Wish me luck. No, seriously though, I need to figure out the balance because for sure the thought of the triathlon will not keep me warm at night.

I was so excited today- I googled my name & saw my turkey trot results online!!! My first race evverrrrr. My time is terrible, but I completed the race:):):):):) go me.

I'm grateful to the people that have been with me from the conception of my dreams and continue to walk with me as I aspire to be a triathlete. To those who accept my flaws & allow me to be me. Thank you. To those who are dreaming of athleticism like me, join me & let's have fun. To those who can teach me, I am ready to learn.

Best for 2008- more posts in January so keep reading!


Anonymous said...

I was looking for NYC triathlons on google and your blog popped up. I know we dont know each other but I want to encourage you on your trip to the NYC tri. I participated in it for the first time last year and it was one of the most rewarding experiences Ive ever had. The training may seem difficult at times but all your work will be worth it in the end. You will love the experience so be proud of you training and all the hard work you put in. Im one of the Danskin Triathlon NYC Training Team coaches now, so if you like the NYC Tri come try Danskin in September. Good luck and remember to have fun. OH and I train for the NYC tri through Jack Rabbit sports. Check out their website if you want to participate in a training team or swim class.

RennaissanceTriathlete said...

Hi thanks for the encouragement- sooo much appreciated! I'll check out the JR tri training. Danskin sounds like an awesome one for me to start out with- I might do it in a different city before I to the NYC july one- just for practice. Thanks again- it's good to know I'm not alone!