Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Decisions made and punches thrown...

I love my Tues. boxing class. I feel like flying and I want to run and run and run, but time does not permit.

Wow! I love to sweat. It's so therapeutic. My instructor says I need to work on my crosses. But it's odd because I always thought that was my strongest throw. Hmmm. He's a great instructor and I absolutely love his style and energy. There are very few instructors I like, and he is one of them. You know those people who know their shit and genuinely care about each and every student and the kind of person you know has a gentle soul. It's beautiful. Excercise doesn't have to be all harsh, you know. Boxing doesn't have to be about violence. For me it's about releasing all the negative energy and thoughts. Punching out the self doubt and insecurities that every blue moon try to tarnish my dreams.

I am committing to working with a specialty swim coach. And I'm also getting a cycling coach. I can't afford it really, but I am just going to have to struggle. I also won't be able to work two jobs. Anyhow- this is worth it to me. I will live off of water and love. Here is how my routine will be:

Sunday: Cycling outside, Bootcamp Class, Swimming.
Monday: Morning running
Tuesday: Morning running, Evening- Spinning, Boxing & strength training
Wednesday: Morning running, Evening-Spinning, Boxing
Thursday: Morning running, Evening- Cycling, Swimming with coaches
Friday: Morning running
Saturday: Cycling outside, Strength training, Swimming.

It looks like a lot but it's actually about 50% less than what my routine was in December last year. It's also a lot less than my July routine. But it's not about quantity. This routine is going to help me achieve my goals. I know for sure that I'm going to have to change my routine soon and I can handle the changes. But this is a start.

Believe me I have a huge life outside of training for the triathlon. I am very good at taking rest days now. Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings are quite sacred where I go to my scheduled arts nights. I also have plenty of other time to hang out and relax. I like the look of this.

I know what you're thinking- that I don't have a life outside of this. You are so wrong!!

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