Friday, August 24, 2007

3...2...1...and I'm off!!!

This week has been a slow week for me as I transition into my new excercise routine.

Here are the things accomplished this week:

Morning runs with running partner. Running partner & I have a routine in place and this is so exciting for me!

I've hired my swim coach & I feel mighty confident in her abilities. Anyone can claim to be able to teach me to swim, but the wonderful thing is the experience she has under her belt in terms of working with beginner swimmers. The experience she has as a triathlete herself. Her confidence in her training abilities. I'll only see her once a week, unless of course I win the lottery!

I've hired my bike riding coach and he works with adult beginner riders. I'll only see him once a week too. This should be interesting. I've only signed up for 3 sessions so far.

In terms of these coaches, my goal is to get the basic skills down pat enough so that I can join a triathlete club and train with a group of beginners. Maybe that'll happen in the spring...

Next Tuesday I'm attending a transition zone talk and doing a run with a group of triathletes. I'm excited to attend. There is nothing more empowering than getting together with other triathletes. Well- I'm a wannabe, but who cares!

I called up an old trainer of mine to let him know that I'm training for this. He and I will hopefully work together. I'm just having a hard time figuring out my schedule. I can only work with him in the mornings, but the problem right now is that I've reserved my mornings for runs and I want to keep it that way. The runs instill this discipline in me and I feel independent. My evenings are for my boxing classes or my personal time really. My weekends are for my workouts and for me to have a life. So I really want to work with him, I just don't know how to fit it in without feeling frustrated, you know.

If you're a triathlete or beginner reading this or a supporter - feel free to leave comments:)

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to give a little comment-love on request. You're getting there, and you're an inspiration. :)