Tuesday, August 28, 2007

growing hair...highs...injury...

I shaved off almost all my hair two weeks ago. Question of the year is: How many centimetres long will my hair be by the time I do the race in July???!!! Right now my hair is 3 millimetres long...Time will tell!

This past January I was on this super duper excercise high- so awesome. I was 5lb away from achieving my weight goal...then...the small ice-skating fall ruined me. My knee had a slight sprain and I didn't excercise for almost a month. It was devastating. Though it's many months later now - I never quite got back what I lost in terms of excercise highs and body confidence. I was in a pretty good excercise high in July. Right now I'm in a running high, but I need to get back to my strength training and do some spinning and boxing. I'm missing boxing class today because I'm attending the triathlete's run!! I guess that's more important. I love the boxing class and I'm awefully furious about missing it.

Yes- I'm all sweaty from another run! Seems to get easier and easier by the day, though.
My knee is bothering me when I go up the stairs. This is one reason I can't do hack squats incline leg presses...

Run easy, aphrikan, run easy.

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