Friday, June 6, 2008

my first triathlon...tri tantrums

Thursday am I find myself at the gym at 5:30am in my brand new Danskin tri suit.

I did my first triathlon ever!!! I swam for 30 minutes, then cycled for 30 minutes, then ran for 30 minutes- one after the other & all in the same trisuit! It was awesome.

How do I feel about my first tri? Here are my numbered thoughts.(How organized am I!!)

1. Swimming with the tri-suit, I felt heavy and fat at first, then by the end it was better.

2. The tri-suit does improve my bouyancy so I'm not as concerned about drowining.

3. My stroke was good towards the end of my swim session. In terms of endurance, I just need to keep on swimming. I can feel my heart struggling to get stronger

4. The transition from swimming to cycling(indoor) was ok- it was just rather wet because I kept my trisuit on.

5. When I got off the bike and onto the treadmill, my legs felt like rubber. So friggin strange. Maybe that's why they call it the brick transition. I actually started out by walking, then went into my jog. I took it easy with slow increments in speed and my final speed was just the ten minute mile. I'm content with that because this is my first week getting back into running.

6. Afterwards I felt such wonderful accomplishment. I was a ball of sweat. Bathing in endorphins. Absolutely amazing.

7. I'm a triathlete!!!!


3am the next morning I wake up and look at my trisuit. I notice a little defect. I'm freaking out. Yes- tantrum style. Internally I guess. I bought this from my all time favorite fitness store & it's an investment so I'm upset. I have to wait until the AM to call the company. Oh well. That's life. I must calm down & grow up.

I don't know why I'm wide awake so early. My sleep patterns are terrible. I do try awefully hard but I'm an early early early morning person.

Here's to a good week of training!!

I've been eating well & when I don't eat well, I just plan on improving the next time. I'm not eating meat(except fish) until after my triathlon. Yesterday I did exceptionally well with my eating habits. Free food was available all day at work, but because it was all bagels and pizza and cake, I brought my own lunch and breakfast- soup, blueberries, yogurt & tons of goodness:):):) Go me!!! Free food doesn't entice me anymore- what has happened to me???

Will post more update this weekend.

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