Sunday, June 29, 2008

My first open water swim!!!!

I did it!

At the beach, in the ocean- swimming away for over an hour & holding my own pretty beautfully without a wetsuit. Wow!! Most people in the group had their wetsuits so they were floating better than I. I'm so friggin proud of myself. Someone bring on the cotton candy because I deserve a treat!!!

I learned a sexy move for going around buoy's. It felt pretty easy swimming in the ocean. Yeah yeah buoyancy. But I also think I've done my time especially when I was swimming intensely earlier this year. Damn is that water salty. I swallowed so much I had to pee AFTER I got out of the water.

I feel confident for my race, especially knowing that I'll be swimming with the current.

I'll be going to the SwimBikeRun store this week...

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