Wednesday, March 5, 2008

After my 2 week exercise hiatus...

On Saturday I returned to my lovely world of sweat...I certainly jumpstarted it.

You are not going to believe this, but I made strength gains just from taking time off!! I'm benching 10lb more. I'm using 3 lb more weight in my sculpt class...
It's quite exciting really.

In yoga class though, I seem to have deteriorated:( But I'll get it back in a few days...patience.

On Sunday, DOMS was killing me & yoga class was almost impossible to get through, but I made it.

Something great happened at Spin class on Sunday. This woman I don't know came up to me after class & said,
"You have such perfect form & I'm always looking at you to figure out how to fix my own form"
Wow!!! It was so good to hear. I'm always working on my form. Good form sometimes takes time.

For those of you that know position 2? I always engage my core & the rest of my body is still & balanced except for my legs that are can balance a pot of water on my head & it wouldn't fall...I think that's why the woman commented on my form...I love second position. Great for quads.

My push up form is pathetic- better now, but still not good enough at all for me. But it takes constant practice & strengthening of core, chest & tricep to get to the absolute perfect form. A lot of people can crank out pushups with bad form & they don't even know it...Very bad for the lower back to abandon form like that...

I'm back in sweatville!


minan said...

Nice blog! Your enthusiasm is really cool and funny too. I did my first tri last summer and learned a lot. It's great to get into a routine. You seem so motivated! I was *super* motivated too. I would warn you to be careful about getting too enthusiasic, let it build slowly, because crazy motivated people like you and me can burn out and overtrain. You'll know if you start to get sick a lot, etc. lots of links about it on the web. It's the curse of the first year triathlete.

RennaissanceTriathlete said...

Thanks minan for the encouragement! I'm concerned I might overdo it in the month preceding the triathlon