Thursday, February 28, 2008

Vancouver musings...Another Transformative month ahead...

I have done NO exercising for two weeks. I feel lousy. While in Vancouver, I rode around "my" bike in Richmond & around the Pacific sea wall it was amazingly beautiful!!

Vancouver is the cleanest city I've ever been to. Also the healthiest city. It seems like the yogic lifestyle was prevalent almost everywhere I went. "Everyone" runs outside even in the winter. People take walks in central park & rent bikes all the time. I've never seen so many bike rental stores in one place!! I'm hoping that I can spend my summer working & exercising outside there. Wow- that would be bliss. And I thought central park was the be all and end all...Stanley Park, here I come!!

March 1st begins my fitness routine again. I can't wait to get back into my groove. This month I am mostly focusing on the other parts of health- cooking my own meals instead of store bought things. One of my goals is to cook every week for the week ahead and to eat something ever 3 hours or so. It may be a challenge, but it will be better for my metabolism in the long run and a cheaper way to live.

I will also be starting an 8 session dance class next week. It's a sensual African dance class. I will tell you more about it once I actually start! I can't wait to start swimming again! The March madness begins on Saturday the 1st of March:) February was awesome! Please stay with me through my journeys.

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