Friday, September 21, 2007

How to swim 72 laps???

I met with my swim coach last night and it was great but also frustrating. She has bronchitis and couldn't get into the water with me, so she had to coach me from outside.

The only stroke I can do is freestyle/crawl right now...I totally need to learn breastroke and backstroke.

I asked my coach how much a mile swim was in comparison to the laps at the pool...

I have to swim 72 laps!!!! I can honestly say that I am overwhelmed by that thought. 72 laps??? I have nine months to train for that, so I guess to I should be optimistic. But damn!! How does one do that effortlessly, and then turn around and bike for 26 miles, then run for 6 miles?????

Triathletes are HARDCORE....I am striving to be hardcore!!

My running partner and I are running a turkey trot on Thanksgiving day!!! We are also increasing our 3 mile a day run to 4 miles a day...

Road bikes are so expensive....Maybe in a month I'll have one...For now- hooray for riding around the city on other cool bikes!

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Anonymous said...

4 miles a day, and being afraid of a mile of swimming is kind of the definition of being not even close to a great triathlon. I swam 100 laps a day and ran 6 miles a day when I was 13 (but I can't bike for me life), so maybe somewhere around there would be suitable for someone that isn't even close to being ranked worldwide for a triathlete. Good luck with your planning, since at least you'll be more fit that a large population of couch potatoes :)