Sunday, July 13, 2008

One week to triathlon!!!! How do I feel??? How can you help???

Wow- 6 days to go & I'm still here & haven't abandoned this dream! I've never been this consistent about wanting something. EVER. So I guess I'm growing up. Finally:)

How do I feel with one week to go?
Don't ask me if I'm ready, but I really won't know until race day. I've been training somewhat, I guess!!

I feel:

Here are things I have to do this week:

-Thurs: pick up my wetsuit. I haven't been swimming in a wetsuit yet, so I need to get in the water with it on Thursday & Friday just to get a feel of how some tight neoprene outfit affects my oh so stellar swimming skills!! (not!)

-Thurs: pick up road bike??!!I hope. Ok, so I've only ridden a road bike once and I'm not sure about gears and stuff...Until a few days ago I was going to with the mountain bike that I'm quite comfortable on, but I realized it didn't live up to my standards of class & even though I learned how to ride a bike last year (don't laugh), I need to graduate to more sleek & visually appealing methods of transportation. Ok, so thurs & friday I'll be getting comfortable on the road bike!!!!

-Friday. Attend some dumb meeting for race participants. I hope they feed us...

-Saturday: drop off bike on the Upper West Side transition area. Call mummy & daddy to tell them that I love them and in case something happens in the Hudson or on the Henry Hudson twas nice knowing you.

-Sunday: wake up at 4am
-start swim at 6:20Am (don't worry, you're not expected to be there!!)


- Emotionally: I still have moments when I ask myself what I was thinking when I signed up. I'm positive 99.9% of the time. My goal is to finish the race and be alive at the end.

-Hair: You bet there's a superficial angle to this. Ok, my hair is too poofy for the swim cap and I'd like company when I braid it.

-Food: You all know I love cotton candy and redbull. Keep me away from this & all other similar products in the next week.

-Wetsuit: I need to practice getting in and out of my wetsuit. Maybe just moral support for this part will do.

-Pictures: I need to take pictures in my trisuit, wetsuit, bike & at the finish line to send to my family. It would be good to take some pics on Thursday & Sunday so I need help with this. There goes the superficial again!!!!

-Reading: I'm reading two stories a day from my book on First Triathlons. I don't exactly need help reading, but maybe I do. Sometimes I can't focus. Self diagnosis of ADD!

-motivation: I need to get in 2-3 light workouts this week but spending uber amounts of time in SBR or Jack Rabbit or just talking about the race sounds more fun:)

-See me at the finish line!!

-Or if you can't make the actual race watching, you can track my progress - the system can send you a text when I finish swimming, biking & running (duh, it's a triathlon!!) sign up at Accenture website

I may need help returning the wetsuit & bike to their respective homes after 2pm on Sunday.

I just want to take this moment to say to you all thank you for all your support throughout the year & for being there through my training, training with me, giving me advice. Regardless of how the race goes, the journey has been amazing & if I fail in any way, I've succeeded as a learner and I'll just get up and tri again!!! Of course my dream is the ironman race in 2013. Well. Dream on. I will.!!!


mwalfaro said...

Let the countdown BEGIN! I'll be sure to check out your progress online. Also, please delete my yahoo email address. You're lucky I checked it. Last time, I checked it was about a year ago. My new email addy is

Break a leg!

Kristin said...

Best of luck to you as well! I'm getting pretty excited, but this taper week is making me crazy. It will all come and go so quickly, then we'll be missing it.

Laren said...

Good luck -- see you at the finish line!

Beanie said...

So excited; can't sleep since talking to you on your way to the race. By the time you read this, congratulations will be in huge order.