Saturday, November 24, 2007

Turkey Trot Race!

So at 7:00 am while most of you were snoozing away and letting some woman slave away at making the turkey for you in the wee hours, I was working so frigging hard....

I was waking up. 7:00Am Thanksgiving morning.

I awoke and made my way to to Prospect Park for the 2007 Turkey trot race! My first running race since the age of 12 when I had to do cross country & track in middle school! Anyhow- it was a five mile race- I did it!!! without stopping, or panting- doing my thin- running easy! I didn't win an award or anything, but I won a back pack that has the slogan- "Turkey Trot" on it...

Came back home & cooked up a storm with my buddies & ate & ate & ate then my stomach was bursting so I passed out...

Anyhow. Hurt like hell the next day. But oh so worth it!

Next race: Midnight run NYE 2008!!!!!

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