Monday, August 25, 2008

Blogging on!!

I'm growing into my life's mission as a fitness professional and holistic lifestyle coach. It's a journey. I'm in Toronto. You can still leave comments on this blog & I'll respond. I still check this blog & will post sometimes. If you're considering doing a triathlon & just want to talk, email me!!!


Anonymous said...

I came across your site looking for swim coaches. I did my first sprint distance tri just a few weeks ago. My swim was just a few steps above terrible, hence the need for a coach. I'm in north Jersey so I don't mind a trip into the city. Where did you go? Good luck with your future tri endeavors!

RennaissanceTriathlete said...

Hi there!
Got your question- I hope you get the response. The very first coach I worked with, I googled USAT - these are officially trained tri coaches. I ended up working with one who worked out of The Equitable Health and Swim Club midtown. Another great place to check out is Reebok Sports Club- they had some good tri training programs. It really depends on your budget. For me the coach was expensive but worth every penny because I was learning how to swim for the first time in my life and didn't wanna drown in the Hudson River! I only worked with a coach for a month then trained on my own the rest of the time. Building in sprints to a disciplined individual workout can sure improve your time, or joining a masters swim class at a gym. Any of these gyms, even the high end ones I trained at will give you a week pass or so - just talk to them about your goals- that maybe you want to check out their pool and look for a life coach. Don't let them pressure you into anything though. I also recommend reading some good books. I read the Triathlete's training bible and another book on Swimming (I forget the title). Definitely get a timer/stop watch so you can do some drills in your workouts. Good luck- email me if you have any more questions.